Rural Transactions

There are differences in the process of buying a rural property or farm in NSW, and the process of buying a residential home in the middle of town. The issues that can arise are numerous and varied. By commissioning searches and enquiries before you enter into a formal Contract you can minimise the risk of unpleasant ‘surprises’ on your rural property.

Tetlow Legal’s experienced staff can assist you with:-

  • Water entitlements;
  • Access;
  • Chemical residues;
  • Livestock & plant diseases;
  • Noxious weeds & animals;
  • Land use; and
  • Rural easements and rights of way.

Tetlow Legal understand the issues that are associated with both buying and selling rural properties in NSW.

If you are looking to buy or sell rural property in NSW, and would like professional assistance to guide you through the process, contact Tetlow Legal on (02) 6140 3263 or


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